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? >> is always been a learning environment that i think the egg is part about it is meeting the people. 35,000 people who are early adopters. they are entrepreneurs and converge in this little funny place that is called austin, texas. it has become the place to meet people. one of the companies you will be looking for is atlas. this is about wearable technology? >> it is a big part of what is going on now. it is the buzz everywhere. atals is a great company because it really fits into the health category where we are trying to measure all of these things going on in our bodies and become more fit. all this take information about your exercise program and then you create graphs and you can track your progress, right? you can measured against your friends? >> really get into better shape. it is amazing how this company has such an amazing run and raised half $1 million already. me.3 and this is a different kind of investigation and health. tell us about it. >> they do dna testing. you mail it in and they could tell you a lot of things about your dna. you can learn where you came from, what d
not want to hurt the environment. also look at sodastream. they hire a lot of employees, they are israeli engineers. this is a great example of how you focus on good things and grow the economy on both sides. >> the controversy was that scarlett johansson is the spokesperson and they have a factory that employs people took and offense to her sponsorship of this. is that a constant issue you have to deal with? >> luckily i focus on the good rings. i focus on innovation, creativity, and business. 1500 mbaing more than students from the top programs, all the top 20 programs in canada, spain, hong kong, beijing, they are interested in innovation. people are not so looking all the time about the bad things. onkily i am focused 100% that. >> companies like cisco and intel making investments in israel. you can mention google doing a lot of their innovative products and israel. are doing allked their innovative products in haifa. >> i want to thank you very much. the founder of the u.s.-israel does this -- business council. will be speaking with israel he prime minister benjamin netanyahu coming
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)